• ceramica da tavola per uso alimentare fatti a mano
  • ceramica da tavola per uso alimentare fatti a mano
  • ceramica da tavola per uso alimentare fatti a mano
  • ceramica da tavola per uso alimentare fatti a mano
  • ceramica da tavola per uso alimentare fatti a mano

Cotto in Siena ®

Our company is specializing in the production of FOOD CONTAINERS, from the monoporation to the fire pans to trays and bowls with greater capability. All of our products comply with the rules in force for food contact objects (Article 16 of Regulation EC 1935/2004 and Article 4, paragraph 5 of DPR 777/82). We work with food companies that distribute their ready-made and gourmet foods using our ceramic containers, both for promotional sales and for normal distribution.
We are also direct suppliers for restaurants, taverns and event organizers and Medieval dinners with our CERAMICA FOR THE TABLE lines. The production of TERRECOTTE PER CERERIE is an area where we have achieved excellence thanks to the dozens of shapes and sizes available to meet the needs of every customer who can count on multiple customization options including stamping stamps.

Cotto in Siena aims to create for you high-quality objects

Production and Showroom:

Cotto in Siena by Cortese Giovanni
Via Umbria 2 - Industrial Zone La Macchia - 53018 Sovicille (Siena) - Italy - Tel./Fax 0039 0577 314632

Made in Italy handmade


Cotto in Siena ® is our registered trademark

We chose to give importance to the territorial nature of our product because we are living in an era of globalization where nothing is known about the things that go hand in hand.
The "Cotto in Siena" brand guarantees the total traceability of the raw materials we use and their quality.
The work of our laboratory, represented by the brand "Cotto in Siena®", is also part of our research and experimentation that allows us to present you present products in both shapes and colors but they have an affordable price since after several tests we choose to every product is less costly materials and processes that do not, however, remove anything at the qualitative level of all our products.

"Cotto in Siena" is the trademark of an all-Italian creative genius.
When the ceramic tradition meets new technologies, the result is a high-quality production even in high quantities. Cotto in Siena was born from the ten year experience of founder Cortese Giovanni in the ceramic sector and over the years it has been able to transform and adapt to the new market demands. We have been proud of the female work that represents 90% of our workforce, we are confident that this is an added value for us in organizational capacity and development.

Today's production is 4000 pieces a day for both the crockery sector and the food and tableware sector. The work is entirely done on the farm by the preparation of the clay, the stage of the printing, finishing to the cooking and finally the final enamelling. We have our own means of transport for deliveries in central Italy and a logistic network for deliveries throughout Italy and Europe.

Product Types

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